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Our Value

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Software cannot do what LexAdjust does.


Legal-billing software and non-lawyer bill reviewers cannot tell the VALUE of your attorneys' work, only the compliance of their time entries.  If the law firm's timekeepers entered their time under allowed task and activity codes and billing guidelines, software and non-lawyer bill reviewers will approve those 60 hours for full payment.

Even if a legal bill review company had the ability to understand the legal issues in the brief, you could be waiving the Attorney-Client Privilege by sharing an unfiled brief with them.

Don't worry, we are not on a crusade to convince in-house legal teams to abandon their legal-billing software.  We recognize its worth in doing what it is designed to do; what it is capable of doing.  But software cannot understand the work that your attorney did.  It cannot determine the value of that work.  Most importantly, software cannot call your attorney to obtain adjustments to legal bills.

We have the EXPERIENCE to determine the value of your outside-attorneys' work.

Only an experienced attorney can determine the VALUE of your attorneys' work.

Suppose your outside law firm filed a motion to dismiss a plaintiff's complaint and charged you 60 hours of time for the motion.  Is that the appropriate amount of time?  The only way to answer that question is to read and fully understand the motion the law firm drafted. 


If the motion to dismiss was based on an arbitration clause in a contract, 60 hours would be excessive because of the well-developed body of law on arbitrability.  If the motion was based on a recently-enacted statute, 60 hours might be correct.

Only a person who has drafted motions and briefs can determine whether the charges are appropriate.  And, if 60 hours is too much, only an experienced practitioner can say with authority that 45 hours was appropriate.

LexAdjust sits at the crossroads of multiple Clients and all of their law firms.  We see a broad spectrum of attorney invoices and the correlated work product.  We see hundreds of thousands of attorney-time entries every year.  We see timekeeper rates from $80 to more than $1,500 per hour.

Our unique vantage point gives us increased visibility into the legal industry’s competitive landscape.  And that benefits our Clients by giving us the ability, and credibility, to answer the question: “how long should it take to . . . ?”

But it also benefits the Law Firms we work with on behalf of Clients.  Our feedback helps them to ensure their charges are competitive and line up with the Client's expectations.

How long should it take to draft a 30-page appeal brief?  How long should it take to update an employment manual with a new policy?  How long should it take to draft a due-diligence checklist?

Perhaps surprisingly, Law Firms are least equipped to answer these questions.  The billing attorney sees the time entries of lawyers in the firm on a single case for a single month.  The billing attorney does not look back on last month's bill for the matter.  The billing attorney does not know how much time the firm's competitors charge for the same task.

Clients have a somewhat broader view of the legal marketplace but usually confine their answers to their past experiences with the same Law Firm or a previous Law Firm.

We have the PERSPECTIVE to see far beyond this month's bill from a single law firm.

We have the CREDIBILITY and SKILL to obtain adjustments to your legal invoices while improving your attorney relationships.

We don't "review" legal bills, we ADJUST them.

As attorneys, we know how long legal tasks should take and what level of attorney should be assigned.  We know what evidence to present, and how to present it, to make a persuasive argument that specifically-identified charges should be adjusted.  And, then, we present that evidence directly to the billing attorney in a friendly, but compelling, way.

Neither the Client nor the Attorney enjoy discussing the bill.  So, most of the time, that important conversation never occurs -- until it's too late. 


LexAdjust attorneys are skilled and experienced in having that critical conversation, and we do it every month.  We remove the single largest barrier to client satisfaction -- assurance that the client has received value from the lawyer.  With LexAdjust, both Client and Attorney can focus on the legal issues, instead of the legal invoices.

Our extraordinary value proposition

The average profit margin for Fortune 500 companies is 8%.

The guaranteed minimum return on your investment in our services is 100%.


That is doubling your money.  The more likely return will be 300% to 600% -- that is multiplying your investment by four to seven times (of course, we cannot guarantee results above 100% ROI).

And since you do not pay our fee until after we achieve the savings, you have earned your return before you invested.

We know it sounds like a "too-good-to-be-true" infomercial, but this is really our offer.  If you really want it, we can throw in a second Sham-Wow for free (shipping and handling charges may apply).

As an example, let's say your legal bills for one year are $50 Million. Here is the breakdown of profits:

Reduction    Savings          LexAdjust      Client's Net         Client's

 in Costs    Gross Profit           Fee          Profit (Savings)        ROI 

      3%       $  1,500,000     $    750,000      $     750,000          100%

      6%       $  3,000,000     $ 1,500,000      $  1,500,000          100%

      9%       $  4,500,000     $ 1,500,000      $  3,000,000          200%

     12%      $  6,000,000     $ 1,500,000      $  4,500,000          300%

     15%      $  7,500,000     $ 1,500,000      $  6,000,000          400%

     18%      $  9,000,000     $ 1,500,000      $  7,500,000          500%

     21%      $10,500,000     $ 1,500,000      $  9,000,000          600%

     24%      $12,000,000     $ 1,500,000      $10,500,000          700%

But wait, there's more!  No, seriously.

Because Net Savings are pure profit, it is the equivalent of increasing revenues by much more than the amount saved.  Suppose your company's annual revenues are $50 Billion and net profits are 3%.  And suppose your annual legal bills are $50 Million.

If LexAdjust delivers Net Savings of 18% over the course of the year, that would be the equivalent of an extra $300 Million in revenues.  Here's the math:



Original Legal Bills:

Gross Savings:

Less LexAdjust Fee:

Client Net Savings:

Savings are equivalent to

an increase in Revenues of:

3 %

21 %

3 %

18 %

$  50,000,000,000

$    1,500,000,000

$         50,000,000

$         10,500,000

$           1,500,000

$           9,000,000

$       300,000,000

(Divide Client Net Savings by Profit Margin of 0.03)

Imagine having room in the budget for those special projects. . .

. . . paying salaries and bonuses out of cost savings. . .

. . . making the Legal Department the cost-control model for the entire organization.


We can help you


That's exactly what we do.


You can always wait another month to contact us. 

There's probably plenty of room in the budget.

Thanks for taking the first step!

We'll be in touch soon.

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