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That's exactly what we do.


Reduces Legal Bills
Improves Relationships
Guarantees Profits

reduces legal bills.

Every month, LexAdjust's experienced attorneys audit legal invoices from your outside law firms and then negotiate directly with the firms for appropriate adjustments to the bills. This saves you money.
Our Analyst-Attorneys have worked in law firms, so we understand the concerns and pressures your outside lawyers face. Our experienced attorneys develop friendly peer relationships with your outside counsel, and we work closely with them to ensure that your legal bills are accurate and appropriate. This improves your relationships with your outside attorneys.

We also improve the relationships between your Executive Management team. LexAdjust's monthly legal bill audits assure everyone that the Legal Department is committed to the organization's legal AND financial success.
Legal-billing software and non-lawyer bill reviewers can only determine the compliance of a lawyer's time entries.

LexAdjust's auditors judge the
value of the attorney's work.

LexAdjust improves relationships.

LexAdjust guarantees profits.

Our fee is only 3% of the legal-invoice charges we analyze, but we only earn our fee if the Client pockets the same amount. In other words, we guarantee the Client will receive a minimum of 100% return on investment in our services. And the Client receives ALL of the savings above our 3% fee. We don't get paid unless and until we save you money.

Even if you use legal-billing software,
we add significant value over and above that. 

LexAdjust's benefits & process


does this:

Our fee is 3% of the amount we analyze, but we guarantee a minimum 100% return on investment in our fee.

Reduces Legal Bills

As experienced attorneys, we know the appropriate timekeeper for each task and how long it should take (software does not). We identify dozens of types of inappropriate charges.

Improves Relationships

By removing friction surrounding financial issues, both client and lawyer can focus on legal issues, not legal invoices. And Executive Management is assured that outside-counsel costs are proper.

Guarantees Profits

Value Report

to Law Firm

Identifies specific charges and reasons for adjustments

Signed Acceptance

from Law Firm

Confirms the law firm's acceptance of the adjusted amounts


Each month, we collect your legal bills and our experienced attorneys analyze every line item to ensure that each charge adds value for you.

We develop professional peer relationships with your outside attorneys and work cooperatively with them to correct specific charges.

Payment Release Notice

to Client

Notifies Client to

initiate payment

to the law firm


Once determined, we notify you to pay the adjusted payment amount to the law firm, usually within five business days of receiving the bill.

Savings                          4%        6%     12%     18%      24%

Our Fee                         2%        3%       3%       3%        3%

Client Net Savings        2%        3%       9%     15%      21%

Client ROI                  100%   100%    300%   500%    700%

by doing this:

You can always wait another month to contact us. 

There's probably plenty of room in the budget.

Thanks for taking the first step!

We'll be in touch soon.

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