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Our Purpose

We help businesses and the people who make them go.

We help businesses control their legal costs and meet their budgets.  We ensure that our Client's are receiving maximum value for the money they spend with their outside attorneys -- including us.


We improve the efficiency of Legal Operations departments by collecting and inventorying all of our Client's legal bills every month. We streamline the Client's process for paying law firms by sending the Client payment release statements as soon as the correct amount is determined.


We take the burden of reviewing and adjusting legal bills off the shoulders of in-house attorneys.  We discuss legal invoice adjustments directly with the billing attorneys so the Client doesn't have to.

We provide Clients with visibility into their outside-counsel costs with monthly reports on their legal spending per matter, both in the current month and for the history of the matter. 


We protect the Client-Attorney Privilege by entering into a legal representation with the Client and only using experienced attorneys to analyze our Client's legal bills. We also prioritize the security of our digital files, networks, computers, and email servers.

We provide all these services at no added cost to our Clients.  Our fee is 3% of the legal bill charges we analyze.  But we only earn our fee if it can be paid out of the Client's savings.  And we guarantee a minimum of 100% return on investment in our services.

We help law firms and their people, too. 

We are reasonable.  We identify specific charges that, at first view, appear incorrect or excessive and we explain the reasons for that initial position.  We then discuss our reasons with the billing attorney to determine whether questioned charges were justified by the circumstances.  If the charges were justified, we will revise our analysis to reflect that. As attorneys who have worked in law firms and who are experienced legal bill analysts, we understand how long certain tasks should take.  But we also understand that not every representation fits into the mold.  We are always open to discuss those situations with the billing attorney.

We protect the law firm's standing with the Client.  We don't share our initial analysis with the Client.  If we question a charge that later turns out to be justified, we don't want the Client to have an incorrect impression that the law firm was overcharging.  Instead, we have a private, open conversation with the billing attorney to understand the charges.  The Client is only told the outcome of those discussions through a payment release notice.  So billing attorneys never have to be defensive and "save face" in front of the Client.

We give law firms a competitive advantage.  ​Our analyses serve as business intelligence to ensure that a law firm's charges are competitive with other firms.  Our legal invoice analysts have reviewed tens of thousands of time entries every month for years.  We are at the crossroads of many different law firms and many different clients.  So we have a unique vantage point to determine the range of hours that a given task takes.  Wise law firms use our feedback as a measuring rod to ensure their charges line up with the Client's expectations.

We have no incentive to seek unreasonable discounts.  We charge a flat fee to analyze and adjust legal bills, not a percentage of reductions.  Thus, law firms can be confident that our adjustments seek true value for the Client, not profit for us.  

We get law firms paid faster and more consistently.  We aim to have our analysis to the law firm within one week of receiving that firm's invoices.  And, right after the correct amount is determined, we notify the Client to initiate payment.  Our goal is to get law firms paid within days, not months.

​We also want to be a blessing to our people.

We have attorneys who have dedicated their practice to legal bill adjustment. 


But we also have retired in-house counsel and semi-retired practitioners who appreciate the opportunity to use their experience and earn extra income.


We have attorneys who decided to stay home for family reasons.  They appreciate the ability to prioritize their family while still earning a living working from home on their own schedule.

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